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Detecting the Unkown and Insider Threats

Many analysts reports such as The Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, highlight attackers are regularly outpacing defenders even though organizations invested in perimeter-based preventative controls, and log-centric Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solutions. The inconvenient truth is therefore many organization are still vulnerable to attackers and fail to affectively detect and respond to yet unknown attack patterns or insider threats. In this session we will discuss how organizations are able to increase their visibility and become faster and more effective at detecting, investigating and responding to the threats that really matter.

Presenter: Sebastiaan Drinkenburg
Sr. Threat Detection & Response Specialist Benelux & Nordics RSA
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After graduating cum laude at La Salle University in Barcelona, Sebastiaan obtained more than a decade of experience in implementing and managing security measures such as: firewalls, IDP, SIEM, network forensic and cryptographic solutions. Furthermore, Sebastiaan performed numerous security & network vulnerability assessments and has specialized in advanced security operation (ASOC) and forensic analysis solutions. Working at RSA, Sebastiaan helps organizations understand their cybersecurity posture and provides advise on techniques, approaches and solutions that best help to reach their goals securely.