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Why a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) adds value to your business and reduces TCO


Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) has become the fastest growing storage segment. Industry analysts are projecting this shift will continue to accelerate: HCI will take over the bulk of the traditional storage market over the next 10 years. A HCI-based approach to storage brings one of the most fundamental advantages:

Business Value and a Lower TCO

This starts with the upfront, capital costs of infrastructure. HCI allows customers to shift away from traditional, purpose built storage where costs for capacity and networking are still high with a limited set of choices. In fact, customers are usually locked-in to the one vendor that made their storage array. Another contributor to lower TCO is the lower cost of operational expenses. Get rid of silo’s and time consuming infrastructure. Learn how HCI results in lower initial capex and opex costs over time as the environment scales with the need of your business.


Jennifer van der Boon – VMware

Willem van Engeland – Dell EMC 

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Jennifer van der Boon is werkzaam als Solutions Consultant bij VMware. Ze adviseert klanten en partners over de verschillende solutions die VMware rijk is en zoekt samen met de klant naar de passende oplossing. Jennifer is Subject Matter Expert op het gebied van het Software-Defined Storage en heeft ruim 13 jaar ervaring binnen de IT. Zij heeft Informatica gestudeerd en in het verleden was zij zelf werkzaam als System Engineer bij diverse bedrijven. 

Hierdoor weet ze met welke uitdagingen IT dagelijks te maken heeft zoals de (digitale) transformatie. Een uitdagend proces waarbij Jennifer vanuit haar rol en persoonlijkheid de vertaalslag tussen de Business en IT bij haar klanten weet te realiseren. 


Willem started October 2016 as a vArchitect at VCE (Dell EMC) in the Netherlands. Before that he has done almost 8 years at VMware in various roles, spent time as Specialist SE on management solutions, and in his last role worked purely focused on SPs in EMEA. Before he joined Dell EMC CPSD, he made a small dip into the startup scene, where he joined AirVM, which is a small Canadian company focused on cloud management.