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How technology is evolving the digital human
How technologies, as IoT, Artifical Intelligence and  machine learning, Bioscience and Robotics are enabling us humans to become truly digital end to end.

Presenter: Richard Bennett
Head of Advisory Services
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Richard is a established business leader with 20 years of experience in technology and business processes. He has a proven background in thought-leadership, innovation, business transformation, sales engagement and team management. This includes working within major technology vendors as well as a wide array of individual interim engagements within clients as a CTO/CIO.
His has successfully led global teams in professional services and consultancy in fields such as; communications, contact centre, cloud services and systems engineering. In addition he has a strong background in developing learning and enablement programmes to broaden the capability and competency of sales and pre-sales organisations. Here he engages and enables sales teams to evolve ‘c-level’ insight/vision against market trends and driven considerable success delivering technology solutions to meet those trends for clients.
In the enterprise, his background in technology-to-business innovation across global businesses and entrepreneurs has driven growth in complex-implementations and product development. He is known to develop and expand client opportunities through embedded customer engagements leading to tactical growth in order to build advocacy for strategic technology investments.
Richard is an impassioned and skilled presenter who inspires in speeches, key-note presentations, press editorials and media interviews (including PR engagements). Richard has regularly presented on innovation and "Futures" at major industry events around the globe for over 18 year.