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Fighting the 'Gap of Grief' With Business-Driven Security

Defending against human ingenuity demands a new way of thinking. With countless dollars spent and infinite alerts you still don’t have a true picture of what is going on. So when a breach happens, can you answer THE question: “How bad is it?” The inability to do so is what RSA calls the “gap of grief.” To answer, you must connect your security strategy and business risks.

Presenter: Ewoud van den Bosch
Netwitness Sales Specialist Benelux & Nordics, RSA 
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Ewoud has been working in the IT industry for 7 years. During this time he always had a focus on Enterprise accounts. One thing all these accounts have in common that there is still a gap between IT and Business. Security is seen most of the time as an IT problem. The business driven security approach of RSA shows that the connection between IT and the business is extremely important for the consistency of your critical assets. That is why Ewoud joined RSA 2 years ago because he felt that here finally was a company with a visionary view on closing the gap between IT and the business. Working at RSA, Ewoud helps organizations understand their cybersecurity posture and provides advise on techniques, approaches and solutions that best help to reach their goals securely.